Q: How many actors are needed for Esther Unmasked?

A: Although there are parts for more than a dozen actors as the need arises, Esther Unmasked can be performed by as few as six actors (minus of the opening scene with the children). The parts may be divided as follows:


Vashti/Zeresh/Main Lady-in-Waiting

Mordecai / Hegai

King / Zev

Haman / Lady-in-Waiting

Narrator / Lady-in-Waiting/ Townspeople, et al

Q: What’s the running time of the show?

A: At full length, the show runs 70 minutes. In previous performances, it has run 60 minutes, and the cabaret show runs as short as 30 minutes. We can supply a script that fits your needs.

Q: Do you tour?

A: Yes! Jake Friedman (author/composer) and Josh Ehrlich (arranger) are available to come to you for a cabaret-style musical telling of Esther Unmasked! Just contact us. You supply the piano!

Q: Can you get me a press release and/or hi-rez photos?

A: Absolutely! Just ask.

Q: When is the next performance in New York City?

A: Wednesday night, March 20, 2019, at Romemu (165 west 105 st, NY, NY 10025)